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PattiFrom the time I was young, my Dad was an extremely hard working entrepreneur. He started his own company with 2 of his brothers. I remember him getting up in the morning at 5am to drive his 1 hour commute from Danbury to Stamford. He wouldn't return until after dark each day.

My Dad had a hot Italian temper at times, but he also had a big huge heart, and was always hiring relatives who needed a job. When I was a teenager, I went with him to his office every once in a while to file. I believe I got my work ethic from my Dad. I got a job on my own at 15, and never stopped working.

While going to school and after graduating, I remember that every time I wanted a big ticket item, I would just get a second job if I couldn't afford it. Like my Dad, I was always too proud to ask anyone for help.

Then I met my husband, who had the same mindset and work ethic I did, except he was much more frugal! After our first child was born I left my full time job, and consulted on a part time basis for that company to spend more time with our daughter. My husband was in Sales and traveled every week. It was then we both decided I would stop working & stay home with our daughter full time. We then relocated to Texas and had our second child. After being a stay at home Mom for 12 years, when my son started school, I decided to go back to work. After consulting again briefly, someone thought enough of me to tell me about an MLM Company he was a part of.

Although I had no MLM experience at all, I loved the idea of working from home, choosing my own hours, and making some money too. I was actually amazed at how quickly I started making money! Then my residual income started kicking in, and I promoted myself twice, over time, not immediately.

I was hooked! I absolutely loved the idea of helping other people make money, get out of debt, spend more time with their family, etc. I didn't make any money unless I helped other people make money and change their lives for the better! It is a completely different lifestyle!

I now find myself migrating towards speaking and training others, and I am making it my mission to teach as many people as I can how to buy back their time with their loved ones & set themselves financially free forever! That being said, I hope to bring all of you value with each and every article, training, webinar & post. I want all of you to see what a great lifestyle you can lead if you take a chance, and believe in yourself!
God Bless,

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