Is Syndication the key to Online Marketing? This question has been debated for quite some time now. With social media becoming more prevalent every day, it would seem that any and all content syndication would be a benefit for network marketers and online marketers as well. Syndicating your content when you are just starting out can be especially helpful in getting your name and or brand out there, and building your reputation. Syndication gets your valuable content in front of more people, which in turn, means more sales for you. 

How do you start the syndication process?

The easiest way to start syndicating content when just starting out is using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even StumbleUpon. Remember, syndication only works with compelling content that engages your audience and motivates them to action. Your content can start out as a blog post, a Facebook post, a Facebook Live, YouTube Video, etc. Pick the platform you feel most comfortable with when starting out. Then use “Simple Syndication”. This means taking your Facebook Live, saving the video, broadcasting it, sharing it in groups your target audience hangs out in, then sharing it on YouTube. Then make it a blog post, put it on Twitter, etc. Just make sure you have a clear “call to action”, and tell them where you want them to go next.The more eyeballs the better. For more information on Facebook Live, check out this free training:

Free Blog Syndication

Free blog syndication sites let you submit your content for free. This increases your exposure, drives more traffic to you, and increases your clicks/sales. Some examples of free syndication sites are Hubpages, Slideshare, WikiHow, ShareThis, and Facebook Groups. Last, but not least, make sure all your blog posts have social media sharing buttons and use a tool such as Hootsuite to save time and manage all of your social media networks. For a risk-free trial to the online marketing education community I use:


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