A big mistake new online marketers make is chasing the “newest shiny object”. This can create feelings of overwhelm, and actually paralyze your progress, especially when you are just starting out. When starting out online, it is imperative that you pick a specific social media platform, create a plan or roadmap, master that platform, and stick with it. Remember, consistency is the key for online marketers and entrepreneurs. You may not see instant results. You must be consistent, learn your chosen platform, and never give up. There is no expiration date.

As a new online marketer, I too struggled with this

Social media is moving fast, and we tend to want to do everything “now”. I started out choosing Facebook as my main platform, along with doing webinars. I soon found myself getting distracted trying to learn Instagram & Twitter before I mastered my main platform. This caused a lot of unneeded stress and doubt. One simple way online marketers and entrepreneurs can stay on track and avoid overwhelm is to create a tracking document for yourself. You should be tracking your evergreen content, true exposures, and follow-up conversations. Using a point system daily will help you stay productive and on track. Smaller point values should also be given for tasks such as following 100 people per day on Twitter or Instagram and liking, commenting or sharing other people's posts.

Always track income producing activities as well. Income producing activities include sharing your opportunity or prospecting, content creation, building new relationships, follow up, placing ads to generate leads or sales, hosting webinars and tracking results.

How to Avoid The Biggest Mistake New Online Marketers Make

There is a simple way to avoid this big mistake new online marketers make. Simply choose a platform or two at most, put your head down and master that platform and be consistent with it. Always track your results and split test to make it better. When you are consistently getting results, share those results and teach others how to get them. Always remember to Invest, Learn & Teach. This has served me well and assures new people will always be joining my team. Do not be distracted by every new webinar, course or training that comes along. Stay focused on your chosen platform until you master it, and consistently get results. Then, and only then should you learn another platform.

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