Here are 6 very important tips for producing your live video. Whether you haven't produced a “live Video” yet, or you have been doing them for a while, all 6 of these tips are “must haves” when producing and posting your live video. Before beginning your live video, be sure to announce it on all social media platforms that you are using. Either post or shoot a quick video saying you'll be going live in 1 hour, or at such & such a time, and tell them why they won't want to miss it. Don't forget to email your list and let them no you'll be broadcasting live and when.

Here are the 6  Tips to get you off to a great start:

1) Introduce Yourself, say where you're from and give your website (ex: Hi, this is Patti Proulx at, coming to you from Austin, TX)

2) Ask a Question – Are you using Live Video to promote your brand & get more leads for your business?

3) Deliver Something of Value (make them want to come back & learn)

4) Don't forget to give them a CTA (Call to Action) – Give them your website or a link to a free training

5)Try to broadcast the same time every day & email your list, post on your page you are gonna go live, and post it in groups

6) Always ask people to subscribe, and like, comment or share if they got value!

Do these 6 things, and you'll be well on your way to mastering Live video, as well as building your audience and list, and getting new leads every day.

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